Sound Recording Studio Near Camden County, NJ

Song writing has a lot of steps. One of the most important steps, if you want to eventually make money from your work, is to get it produced so that other people can start to enjoy it. At Right Touch Studio (RTS), we can help your music spread beyond Atlantic and Camden County, NJ. We’ll record and polish your work to give it a professional sound, and then we’ll produce and publish your songs.

Experienced Owners

We have experience working with recording artists and songwriters as well as with contestants on popular reality TV shows, such as the Voice, American Idol, and America’s Got Talent. We have even done work for TV, audiobook recordings, and music scores! Whether you want to record a song to put on iTunes or to use as an audition tape, we know what will make your music stand out from the crowd.

Our owners have been in the industry for over 30 years, playing in well-known cities such as Atlantic City, and choreographing and directing concerts as well. Their leadership gives us an edge because they’ve produced and recorded many musical artists. We know the tricks of the trade and what to look for in music, so we can help you find success.

Full-Service Recording Studio

As a sound recording studio, we have produced and recorded over 500 original songs, so we know what is likely to be important to you. We offer a variety of services, all for the same affordable price.

In addition to simply providing a sound studio for you to record in, we provide pre- and post-production digital recording, as well as mixing and mastering so the sound is exactly how you want it. We also provide CD artwork for music projects, audiobooks, and radio interviews.

If you require video services, we can also provide video recording and editing with a green screen. We’ll even upload your session on YouTube if you want us to.

Whatever you need from your sound recording studio, we can provide. Call us at (609) 457-9437 to start working with us.